Maths Curriculum


At St Joseph’s we aim to inspire all of our pupils, irrespective of their ability, to reach their full academic potential. We recognise that mathematics is a critical area of skill and knowledge that impacts on the quality and value of the lives we lead. Therefore, our objectives in the teaching of the maths curriculum include:

  1. To promote and develop children’s enjoyment and enthusiasm for maths through exciting, practical, first-hand learning and opportunities to explore and investigate.

  2. To ensure that the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum for mathematics are taught well and applied across all subjects of the curriculum.

  3. To ensure that the school’s schemes of work and guidelines for mathematics are taught, thoroughly, systematically and progressively to all pupils by all staff.

  4. To help pupils to become mathematicians by developing their confidence and resilience in problem solving and reasoning so that they can apply their independent thinking and questioning across the curriculum.

  5. To ensure that from the EYFS onwards, pupils are confident in their understanding and application of their basic skills in number and the number system and that they build upon their prior learning at every stage.

  6. To encourage children to use their increasing knowledge, skills and understanding of mathematics to investigate, ask questions and solve challenging problems.

  7. To develop pupils’ confidence and skill in mental calculation methods to underpin their written methods as they explore the areas of mathematics and address increasingly complex problems.

  8. To bring mathematics to life and make it real, to ensure that children understand the importance of maths in their everyday day lives.



Year Group Key Vocabulary and Knowledge




Please use the calculation policy when helping your child with their maths homework.

Each child from Year 1 upwards has a personal login for Times Tables Rockstars to help with learning times tables. Please use this link to access the website.

TTRockstars Website

'So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.' Psalm 90:12