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Religious Education Curriculum





Our fundamental aim at St Joseph’s is to assist pupils in their personal faith journey by providing an education for all our children in which the spirit of Christ permeates the whole life of the school.  As our mission statement suggests, “It is the role of the school to work actively in partnership with parents to foster the spiritual, educational, social and personal development of all our children”. Everything that the school teaches is centred on its Self-Evaluation Framework of the 5W’s, which are Word, Worship, Welcome, Welfare and Witness.


Through the Religious Education curriculum we seek to provide our pupils with:-

  • an appropriate knowledge and understanding of the teaching of the Catholic Church

  • an appropriate knowledge and understanding of the Word of God

  • a basis for the development of a Christian moral life

  • an appropriate knowledge and understanding of the rites and practices of the Catholic Church

  • an appropriate knowledge and understanding of the beliefs and practices of other religions and faiths

  • an ability to deal with religious concepts, thinking, reflection and morally informed decisions

  • an awareness of their personal faith and a developing sense of:

    • self-esteem

    • awe and wonder

    • transcendence

    • respect for the beliefs and practices of others

    • personal responsibility

    • belonging to a community

    • personal and community responsibility for others



Through sound teaching which reflects children’s and young people’s capacity for learning and growing, the School’s Religious Education Programme will:


  • be informed by a range of teaching styles and the whole variety of ways in which pupils learn, and will enable teachers to select from or devise appropriate experiences.

  • affirm all pupils’ value and worth, build on their own experience of living relationships and contribute to the development of positive self-esteem.

  • provide opportunities for pupils to recognise, appreciate and develop their talents and skills.

  • promote the development of independence and autonomy in children so that they are encouraged to accept increasing responsibility for their own learning and are enabled to make ever more fully informed, mature and free responses and choices in relation to God, faith and the service of others.


  • Each individual child will grow in the image and likeness of God and develop their God given gifts and talents to the full

  • They will develop their own personal faith, learn about the faith of others and receive a broad and balanced curriculum which is centred around Christ.

  • Children will live out the 5Ws in all that they do in line with the Self- Evaluation Framework.


At St Joseph's, the staff follow the Come and See programme and the RE Curriculum Directory for the weekly teaching of Religion. Please see useful links to relevant documents and policies below.

Each class focus on the life of an individual Saint, please see each class page for more information.

'There are three things that can last forever

Faith, Hope and Love;

and the greatest of these is love.' Corinthians 13:13

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World Religion Day

No colour, no religion, no nationality should come between us, we are all children of God. 

                                                             St. Mother Teresa



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