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Because it's not just parents and teachers that are involved - we welcome grandparents and also friends of the school. Anyone is welcome to come to our meetings (in fact every parent with a child at the school is automatically a member of the PTFA), and we always need more active involvement and we appreciate all fresh and exciting new ideas.

The Meetings

We hold regular meetings within the hours of school, normally the last 45 minutes of the day, on the school premises. Look out in the school newsletter for the next meeting date or for a text from school telling you when meetings are held. But we try to keep meetings short - we recognise that we all have busy lives.


What does the PTFA do?

The PTFA is a voluntary group with licensed charitable status which organises many events over the school year to raise money to be spent helping to support the children's learning and environment around the school, for example with much needed equipment such as books and equipment.

Our fundraising events include the Christmas and Summer Fairs, school discos, Film Nights, and some of the school's non-uniform days.


Where does my money go?

We fund things like the school’s annual pantomime trip and we are currently aiming to raise money for outdoor playground equipment.

Without these funds the children would lose many benefits. There are also many classroom expenses which need to be paid for, which the Government school funds do not cover.


PTFA Committee Minutes & Information

Minutes are taken at each meeting, giving a brief summary of what was discussed. Please ask the chair if you are interested in seeing a copy of any of the minutes or our PTFA Constitution.
The PTFA Noticeboard is located near the main gates to the playground and there is a PTFA board in the school entrance foyer. 


Who We Are:

Our Chair is Michaela Ellery, Secretary is Kerry Partirdge and Treasurer is Andy King.  Mrs Moncado, Miss Raftery and Mrs Ardill take part from a teacher’s perspective.  The rest of the committee is made up of other parents and friends. 


Thank You For All Your Support

We really do appreciate all the help from parents and friends, both via donations and in giving your time, so please accept a huge thank you for all the support you give us and do let us know if you can help or you have any great ideas for fundraising. You can talk to us directly or if you don't know who we are, the school office will always pass on messages or point you in our direction.

There are many ways in which your help can seriously make a difference. The success of everything the PTFA organises relies on many hands making light work and can result in really exciting events and much needed profits for our school. 


Please come along to our next meeting if you can - you'll receive a warm welcome!

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