Science Curriculum

'Great are the works of the Lord. They are studied by all who delight in them.'

Psalm 111:2


Primary Science Quality Mark 2021

St Joseph’s is very excited to be working towards the PSQM (Primary Science Quality Mark). 

Miss Guy is leading the school in further strengthening the profile of science and the quality of teaching and learning throughout the school. Through subject monitoring, our starting points have been established and a range of activities and strategies are being implemented across school to ensure that our pupils are enthused, inspired and challenged by their science learning.

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Our Science Vision

At St Joseph’s, we aim to provide a curriculum which encourages our children to follow their own interests and which enthuses and inspires them to be inquisitive learners with skills that enable them to move into the world with a passion for life-long learning.

Our Science provision at St Joseph’s encourages curiosity, engagement, perseverance, open-mindedness and co-operation. We aim to inspire our pupils to develop an interest in science, through first-hand experiences and practical work. The values of resilience, learning through mistakes and self-led investigation are encouraged and celebrated.

Science Principles and Intent

At St Joseph’s, we believe that science is good when:

  1. Pupils are provided with opportunities to take their learning outside the classroom, and learning in science carries on beyond the classroom and after the school day ends.

  2. Pupils use scientific vocabulary to explain their thinking.

  3. Teachers have access to a range of quality resources to enhance science teaching and provision.

  4. There are opportunities for children to ask deep, meaningful questions about what they wonder and they are given opportunities to investigate their own ideas.

  5. There are opportunities for collaborative learning, where pupils are supported to share their ideas and participate in quality conversations.

  6. There is a high level of engagement, with both pupils and staff experiencing excitement and Science is perceived as ‘fun’.

  7. Pupils are challenged appropriately at the correct level to ensure progression throughout the school.

St Joseph's Science Ambassadors


Say, "Hello!" to our Year 6 Science Ambassadors.

Every half term, we will plan and organise a spectacular science investigation challenge for you to complete in your class. 

Each investigation will focus on a different type of scientific enquiry. 

We hope you have lots of fun completing these tasks - we have lots of fun planning them and filming the tutorials for you!

Science Week March 2021

We celebrated British Science Week at home this year, due to school being closed. Nevertheless, we all had lots of fun with our families and friends!

Our science week had a fairy tale theme, and there was a different challenge to complete each day!

We enjoyed: measuring with the BFG, camouflaging the Enormous Crocodile, making a raft for the Gingerbread Man, going backwards with Alice in Wonderland and taking part in the Super Science reading challenge!

Evie - BFG footsteps
Evie - BFG footsteps

bfg 6
bfg 6

croc 2
croc 2

Evie - BFG footsteps
Evie - BFG footsteps


Super Summer Science Selfie Challenge 2020

The staff in St Joseph's have been very busy whilst school has been closed! We have been thinking about how we can take part in science activities at home... now it is your turn! Send your Science Selfies to your teacher! Have fun!

Mad Science Day November 2019

We enjoyed dressing up and taking part in science activities all day! We listened to science visitors, watched a science show in the hall and visited different classes to take part in lots of different science investigations.

We all had lots of fun and developed some super science skills! 



Year 4 science 2
Year 4 science 2



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