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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Catch up Premium

We recognise the impact that the Covid-19 lockdown has had on children's emotional wellbeing and on their learning. 


St Joseph's has been allocated £16,000 for the academic year 2020-2021. 


Staff have assessed and highlighted the learning needs of the children within their classes and we have planned provision accordingly to meet those needs.


The provision has been designed to meet pupil needs and will evolve as the months progress.  Interventions will be used to support individual children and groups with securing gaps with their learning and SEMH needs. 


The provision we are providing includes:

* £3,967.40 on electronic devices for children to access online learning in school or at home

*£350 for Empathy book packs to support children's wellbeing, social and emotional health following the impact of COVID-19

*£2,069 additional teacher time to support target groups in key English and Maths skills

*£621 to support children's attachment and emotional wellbeing during lockdown

*£484.50 for staff CPD (continued professional development) 

*£3,103 additional support for families through a Family Support Worker

*£630 on building the confidence and self-esteem of all children through outdoor learning provision

*£1,174 on additional sensory equipment and provision to meet sensory and SEMH needs of all children

*£316.46 reading intervention for Lower Key Stage 2 children 

*£816 Spelling Intervention Support

All intervention is based on pre-assessment.  Individual children's targets have been produced from that assessment.  Progress towards those targets is assessed at the end of each intervention session and at the end of each half term.  

The impact of our spending will be monitored termly by the Resources and Curriculum Committees of our Governing Body

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