Hello! We are the Eco Club!

There are two children chosen to represent each year group in the Eco Club, and we work together with Miss Guy and Mrs Barron to make a difference in our local environment. 

We meet regularly to discuss what we can do, to make St Joseph's more eco-friendly. We plan assemblies and competitions to get the whole school involved!

In school we are collecting plastic bottle lids, empty crisp packets and used pens. These will be recycled to raise money for charities. 

We take part in Switch Off Fortnight, Walk to School Week, World Environment Day, Big Garden Birdwatch, litter picking and many other events. 

Remember to check the newsletter online for any new competitions and initiatives! We also welcome any ideas and thoughts to support our local area in becoming more eco-friendly. 

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Eco club litterpick.jpg

Eco Club litter picking to look after our local community.    November 2019