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Phonics Curriculum


Our Phonics Vision (Intent)

At St Joseph's, children quickly learn to read using the Read, Write, Inc phonics programme. We believe that Read, Write, Inc (RWI) phonics provides the foundations of learning to make the development into fluent reading and writing easier. Children learn to read fluently and at speed so they can focus on developing their skills in comprehension, vocabulary and spelling. Through Read, Write, Inc phonics children learn a simple alphabetic code followed by a more complex code.  All reading books progress cumulatively, matched to the sound’s children are learning and already know. The teaching of phonics is of high priority.

Our Phonics Practice (Implementation)

At St Joseph's we believe that phonics is effective when

  1. Pupils are taught phonics daily in EYFS and Year 1.  Year 2 complete the phonics programme three days a week up until December. This is then reviewed. Some Y2 children will continue with the phonics programme and those who have completed the programme will begin Guided Reading/ Comprehension/ Reading Gladiator sessions. The daily synthetic phonics sessions follow the Read Write Inc. scheme. 

  2. Pupils also develop the essential knowledge and skills in phonics through continuous provision.

  3. Teachers provide enhancement opportunities to engage learners and link to our topics.

  4. Pupils are encouraged to be independent in the continuous provision.

  5. Pupils are encouraged to transfer the skills they learn in phonics sessions into independent reading and writing in the continuous provision.

  6. Pupils are taught to decode letter/sounds correspondences quickly and effortlessly, using their phonic knowledge and skillsread ‘tricky’ (red words) on sight, understand what they read, read aloud with fluency and expression, write strongly with a focus on vocabulary and grammar, spell quickly and easily by segmenting the sounds in words and acquire good handwriting. 

  7. Pupils are taught to work effectively with a partner to explain and consolidate what they are learning. This provides the teacher with opportunities to assess learning and to pick up on difficulties, such as children’s poor articulation, or problems with blending or alphabetic code knowledge

  8. Pupils read books that are closely matched to their increasing knowledge of phonics and the ‘red words’.

  9. Teachers read to children daily.

  10. The pupils that do not meet the threshold of the phonics screening will have the opportunity to access a daily phonics intervention.

Our Phonics Outcomes (Impact)

The Phonics leader will support the teaching and learning of Phonics by; providing strategic leadership and direction, monitoring progress and standards across the school, reviewing and revising the Phonics policy, monitoring and supporting teachers in the teaching of Phonics, keeping staff up to date on new developments in Phonics, monitoring the effectiveness of the planning and development of Phonics, auditing, monitoring the effective and appropriate use of resources and obtaining new resources. Teachers will assess children's work in Phonics through formative judgements by; asking questions, observing learners during lessons, listening to pupils' reading. Attainment in phonics is also measured by the phonics screening test at the end of Year and ongoing assessment throughout the Read, Write, Inc programme. 

EYFS Skills:                                                                   Phonics glossary:

Phonics progression:                                                Phonics policy

Speed sounds chart:                                            Phonics vocabulary


Supporting phonics at home:




Information about the phonics screening:  


Parent Support for Reading

Early reading is crucial to your child’s development and achievement in school. Reading at home regularly will support your child and enable them to be a more confident reader. Below we have some useful resources that will help you along with your child’s reading journey. 


Read, Write Inc support:

For more information about Read, Write Inc

click on the link below to access the full website.


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'God gave them learning and skill in all literature and wisdom.' Daniel 1:17


Click on the picture to access free e-Books on the Oxford Owl website.


A website with interactive phonics games.

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