School Council

Welcome to our School Council page. Here you will find out about how the work of our council has an impact on our school.


At the beginning of the year, children in Years 2-6 were invited to apply to be members of our school council. The children put themselves forward and presented themselves to the rest of the class and explained why they should be voted. 2 children were then elected from each class. 

A councillor, once elected will be on the School Council for one academic year. 


The School Council meetings will be held a minimum of once a month. The School Council meet with Mrs Beet, to discuss ways to improve the school.  Minutes are taken at each meeting and every decision made is carefully written down.  We meet with Mrs Moncado at least once a month and also have meetings with the Chair of Governors.  Once we have had our meeting with Mrs Moncado, we then report our findings back to our classes. 


The School Council has a notice board in the office area. Please check the notice board for any updates or information. 


There is a School Council suggestion box near Mrs Moncado's office for the children to make any suggestions they would like us to put forward. 

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