Teachers:  Mrs Sellstrom

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Dawson

Welcome to Nursery!  Here you can find useful information for children in Nursery. We have lots of fun playing together and learning new things. We always try our best and work hard as a team!

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Caring, Sharing and helping each other

As part of our work on Number, we went on a Number hunt around school! We spotted numbers everywhere! On front doors, signs, cars even painted onto the wall! 

Large Heading

Why not support your children with learning their numbers at home? Look for Numbers when you're out and about. What is the highest number you can find?  

Our Class scientist

John Dunlop

John Boyd Dunlop (5 February 1840 – 23 October 1921) was a Scottish inventor and veterinary surgeon who spent most of his career in Ireland. Familiar with making rubber devices, he re-invented pneumatic tyres for his child's tricycle and developed them for use in cycle racing.  

Our Class Saint

Saint Joseph

In Nursery we find out about St Joseph and why he is so special. Joseph was a kind and caring man who worked hard and loved Jesus as his own son. We try to live like St Joseph by Caring, Sharing and Helping  each other.

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