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Welcome to our EYFS Class Page 

We follow in the footsteps of Jesus     to love, learn and grow.
"Love one another as I have loved you." 

Meet Our EYFS Team

MRS W.jpeg

FS1 Teacher and EYFS lead: Mrs Watson


FS2 Teacher:

Mrs Sellstrom


Our Wonderful Children

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FS2 Teacher: Mrs Price

Our Home-School Partnership

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MISS A.jpg

Teaching Assistant/PE Coach:

Mr Ramsbottom 

Teaching Assistant: 

Miss Ashworth


Teaching Assistant:

Mrs Brown 

Our home-school partnership brings great value to all our children's education and experiences in school. 

We are a partnership with the same hopes and aspirations for your child, hence we welcome and value your input.                 We look forward to sharing home learning from Tapestry in class and getting the children to discuss and share these with their friends and their teachers. We love to see children bringing in their achievements from home and sharing these successes with everyone. Please have a look at the links below of how you can be involved at home with some of our new        EYFS events taking place in school this term. Please feel free to call for a chat any time in the morning or after school where we have an open-door policy for any concerns or questions you may have.  


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Workshop 1.jpg
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Maths Workshop 

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Happy Autumn Term

Our Early Years Foundation Stage 

                 In EYFS, we enjoy playing, exploring, learning and celebrating together.                       We are friends, making memories, developing skills and acquiring knowledge to last a lifetime.
      We are a team and we look after each other - we are "Caring, Sharing and Helping".                 Our ethos is
"Happiness first and all else follows!"   

                 Your child will develop and learn so much through EYFS.                                   What an exciting time for us all!             

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RE - BQ precious.PNG
CORE TEXT - The Something.PNG
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play - patrick.jpg

Quality play is fundamental to fulfilling our children's potential and the majority of your child's learning and development will be through play whether initiated by themself or guided by our EYFS Team who are passionate, dedicated Play Partners. 

We play and learn both indoors and out, seizing opportunities to enhance our children's experiences and enjoyment. Such may be planned for or spontaneous in response to the children or the world around us at the time.  

foprest school a.jpg
atuymn walk.jpg

Our Autumn Walk 

We love Forest School ...

Forest 1.JPG
forest 2.JPG
forest 3.JPG
forest 4.JPG
forest 5.JPG
forest 6.JPG

Our visit to the library ...

Visit from firefighters ...

libary 2.jpg
libary 1.jpg

"was fun!"

"There were LOTS of books!"

libary 4.jpg
libary 5.jpg

"I liked all the books!"

"We got a star book."

"We had lots of stories."

"I'm going with my mummy."

"Can we go again?"


The rain didn't dampen our spirits when the amazing firefighters from Ramsbottom station came to join us. We found out that teamwork makes the dream work as we helped each other to roll out the hose, carry it to the building and rescue a 'body' from danger! 

The firefighters then let us spray the water!! What an amazing day! 

In our EYFS...

Boo Books FS1


Every week, your child will choose and bring home a storybook to share with an activity based on the book to complete together.  We love sharing and displaying your child's work in Nursery. 

Walt the Worm


Walt the Worm is our special friend in EYFS who always has a new busy job for us.  We say, "Walt the Worm helps us to learn".

WALT the Wolf 
WALT the wolf is a much loved character in FS2. He shows the children any new rainbow jobs we have out in the provision. He tells us "We Are Learning To..." 

Number Dog

Dough Disco

Maths Work.jpg

Number Dog, helps us with numbers.  We sing lots of counting songs and number rhymes together!

Dough disco.jpg

Throughout the week, we develop our fine motor skills through Dough Disco.  One of our favourites is: 

I like to.jpg

Fred the Frog

Fred helps us throughout our time in EYFS developing our early reading and writing skills.  He loves to read and write with us!


Fred helps us with the sound at the beginning of our name and to listen to sounds carefully in simple words.

Fred Reading.png
read write inc.png
Fred Writing.png

 We adopt Read Write Inc. within School with our children reading and writing each day in varying contexts. 

Your child will have two reading books sent home every Wednesday. Please log your child's reading progress on their Boom Reader app 

Oral Health                               
Promoting oral health, our visitor talked with us about the various ways we can keep our teeth and gums healthy.  He demonstrated and we practised "Tickling our teeth!"
We are proud of our partnership with our families and community.  Hence, we value and share input from home to support our learning and teaching.                    
As we say in EYFS                   
"Teamwork makes the dream work!". 
Our child-centred, working displays celebrate and enhance our children's interests, learning and achievements, both in school and at home. 

Useful Online Resources

bbc i player.jpg

So many activities to enjoy!

Stories by super authors to share.

Lots of interactive activities.

A wealth of information.

Great activities to support phonics development.

Our Special Saints

Foundation Stage 1

Saint Joseph

In FS1, we find out about  St. Joseph and                          why he is so special. Joseph was a kind                          and caring man who worked hard and                              loved Jesus as his own son. We try to                                  live like St Joseph by                                                                Caring, Sharing and Helping  each other.

Joseph_grande (1).jpg
Bible Stories                                                 We enjoy sharing and acting out Bible stories.  
Simeon and Anna.jpg
Noah's Ark.jpg
The Nativity.jpg
The Ephiphany.jpg

Foundation Stage 2

Saint Francis of Assisi

In FS2, we find out about  St. Francis and                          why he is so special.  Francis gave up all                           he had and gave to others.  Francis loved                         animals and cared and looked after all                         
creatures great and small.


St Francis.PNG
Scripture                                                        We know scripture from the Bible.                             Here are a few we share. 
Child of God.jpg
Light of world.jpg
RE Scripture.jpg

We pray, "Saint Joseph, pray for us!"

We know God loves us all.  We are all part of God's special family.  He knows our names and thinks we are all wonderful.

We know we all have special gifts from God,      our talents, which we recognise  and  give thanks for.

love  faith  hope.jpg

Intake to our Foundation Stage 

        A big, warm welcome to all the children and families who joined us this September 2023. 




                                     If you are interested or wish to apply to join us,                                     please contact our School Office on 01706 823645. 


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